I wish to share with you my universe filled with the strength of 20 years of experience in the field of gastronomy. In my travels across the world, I have created my culinary identity with the encounters and work I have done with numerous chefs in a variety of grand locations. The traveling I have done has permitted me to discover and understand the culinary cultures across the world, and use that knowledge to influence my dishes in cuisine and pastry. My sensitivity and passion for art is reflected in each of my creations. My outrageous personality leads me to paths built to surprise and impress. And my vision, my universe, is at once both soft and explosive. My spirit is limitless, and as such I have the capacity to channel any product into a delectable dessert. Generous and with a love for sharing, I have the desire to transmit my love for gastronomy to the world around me. I will act in collaboration with your team to conceive of and transmit new techniques, and it is my hope that my knowledge will continue to exist on in your hands.

I propose my services  for both pastry and cuisine in Miami as private chef & caterer

My services are the following:


French Personal Chef for your private event

Do you have the desire to experience culinary pleasure without needing to leave your home, or to impress your guests with a delicious meal? I can do everything, from planning the courses (in accordance with your wishes) to the preparation of the meals—all so that you can fully enjoy your guests.


Where to find me?

Whether in Miami or abroad, I will respond to your needs. I consider each client unique and as a person who merits my complete attention and focus.

Always on the quest for innovation, I revel in new challenges. Now, forget any preconceptions you may have and follow me into my universe!

To know the quote in Miami for private events or personal chef, it is here


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