Larusée and Vincent Catala come together in gastronomic workshops:

In January 2016, Larusée and Vincent Catala met in Switzerland through pastry and cuisine workshops to showcase their absinthes.

Larusée is a family business that offers one of the best absinthes in the world, artisanally distilled in Canton de Neuchâtel in Switzerland. Larusée, awarded with many gold medals from prestigious competitions around the world, proposes a new vision of a beverage which has inspired innumerable artists.

Larusée brings new life to the historic drink by proposing a refined and elegant vision of the beverage.

How? By revisiting the codes of nature! One bottle, with all its curves and generosity, nostalgic of the old bottles of apothecaries; a luxurious box reminiscent of those found in the houses of our

grandmothers; two elements treated with a contemporary spirit. An ambitious vision, relaying the high end position it holds.


Though all this would be nothing without a truly high end product. Without exceptional knowledge.

For more information about Larusée click here: Larusée—Swiss Absinthes, or look into the book on its history here: L’histoire de Larusée.


When I came to Larusée—Swiss Absinthes, I conducted three gourmand workshops with the following themes:

  • Herbs and Plants
  • Foie Gras and Chocolate
  • Local Swiss Products

Here are the Recipes created by Vincent Catala for Larusée

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