Panibois Wooden Baking Mold

Panibois and Vincent Catala reinvent the cooking of the bakery in wooden molds.


In 2018, Vincent Catala, pastry chef in Miami meets François Foulquier, representative of the Panibois’s brand during a culinary event.

François discovers a passionate and creative chef who showcases his wooden baking molds, while Vincent finds this brand innovative and environmentally friendly. From there born a new collaboration between a pastry chef and a culinary brand.

Panibois® is a wooden Baking Mold manufacturer located in Marcilly en Villette, France, south of Paris. Ii is the official inventor of baking in wood and is the world leading company for wooden baking and cooking molds made of poplar and birch wood that is 100% biodegradable. Read more about Panibois

Find each month the new chef recipe who showcase a wooden baking mold. Panibois – all recipes !


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