Signatures – High fashion aromas

Signatures and Vincent Catala in partnership through top of the line gastronomic aromas

The end of 2015 marked the debut of a new partnership for Vincent Catala with Quosentis and in particular with the brand Signatures.

Signatures is a brand of aromas which is at once composed from natural extracts and also gastronomically top of the line.

For example, the brand includes aromas such as: gingerbread, licorice, orchid, olive oil, basil, truffle…

One of the added values of Quosentis is that they have the capacity to create a sensory identity at your demand (taste and smell).

Vincent Catala showcases Signatures by creating new gourmet recipes accessible to all.


Find them below and on the site for Quosentis:

More information for the brand Signatures

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